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Foundry and Forge

Canablast manufactures a diverse range of sandblasting cabinets and rooms for foundries. Our expertise extends to the design of machines in continuous operation and to integration of automated and manual turntables.

For any semi-automated or fully automated robotic applications, Canablast is there, with a variety of automation techniques available.


Inline Coveyers

Surface treatment systems can incorporate inline conveyors operating in a horizontal plane. The movement may be continuous or intermittent with a fixed and including a mobile turntable.

Indexing Turntables

This type of automation involves the usage of a rotary table with stationary or mobile sandblasting nozzles

Rotary Baskets

The rotary basket represents the ideal solution for the overall finishing of large quantities of parts in bulk. Baskets of various sizes are available and are driven by variable speed drives.

Loading tables

Manual or automated loading tables can be used to facilitate the handling and positioning of heavy loads. The carriage can be manual or automatic and the sandblasting nozzles can be fixed or oscillating. This system generally includes the blast cabinet with one or many loading tables, located either at the entrance or the exit of the cabinet.