PPB 646 - PORTABLE PRESSURE BLASTER (6.5 cu ft - 600 lb)

Canablast’s Portable Pressure Blaster PPB 646 is a robust and durable sandblasting equipment designed for outdoor applications. With its 6.5 cubic feet tank capacity, it gives an increased blasting autonomy to get the job done. Its concave shape makes it easy to hold abrasive media and fill the vessel.

Canablast’s sanding pot with continuous pressure system is ideal for frequent on/off operations. A sub-slab depressurization system extends the blasting autonomy by filling the tank while the machine is in standby. The abrasive metering valve provides a precise and controlled flow of abrasive.

 ♦  Automotive, Truck, and Transportation
 ♦  Construction & Excavation
 ♦  Civil Engineering
 ♦  Marine Industries
 ♦  Petroleum