DC 100 TO 330

The advantage of the DC100 to 300 dust collector is to meet the limitation imposed by the NFPA regulation; being an open type, the modular series is not restricted by the fact that systems above 1 500 cfm need to be equipped with all anti-deflagration devices.It is ideal for those who are on a very tight budget and cannot afford the more efficient and much more convenient higher end models of shaker dust collector. The DC 100 to 330 is the appropriate solution for dust filtration of various applications without the use of any available compressed air. It is an automated, modular, manual shaker type, dust collector requiring minimal supervision and maintenance.

MARKETS HOW IT WORKS (click on picture)
♦  General manufacturing
♦  Aerospace and aviation
♦  Marine
♦  Automotive
♦  Petroleum
♦  Power & energy
♦  Pharmaceutical

DC 100 a 330 diagr-En