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Executed by our qualified in-house technicians, Canablast offers installation services and equipment start-up to both our industrial and commercial customers.

We also perform on-site, technical training, allowing your staff to fully understand the functionality of the new equipment, and how best to operate and maintain it.

In addition to installation of surface treatment equipment , we also offer these services:

  • Technical expertise and exclusive distribution of the best air-powered abrasive products in the world.
  • Design and fabrication of custom-made industrial blast facilities and equipment.
  • Conception and execution of the mechanical, structural, electrical and automation engineering of all surface preparation and surface-finishing equipment.
  • Inspection, repair and certification of air-powered abrasive equipment and systems.
  • Training Seminars in air-powered abrasive practices.
  • Emergency technical services, 24 hours/day.

Our close collaboration with customers facilitates an intimate working knowledge of their equipment and their unique challenges. Canablast rises to these challenges by providing turnkey services for: Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Drafting Custom Design, Prototyping, Automation and Control Engineering services improving customer industrial processes and performances.