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Industrial special projects

Industrial Special Projects
Recognized by major aeronautics manufacturers, our industrial products – including portable sandblasters, sandblasting cabinets, sandblasting chambers and recovery systems – are supported by the Canablast industrial guarantee.

Canablast designs and fabricates superior quality automated pneumatic sandblast systems, ranging in sophistication from continuous or intermittent turntable cabinets to machines with computer controls developed specifically for unique production processes. Whether for automated or semi-automated applications, Canablast will design a machine to fulfill your specific surface treatment requirements.

We offer the following services to both the commercial and industrial markets:

  • Technical expertise and exclusive distribution of the best air-powered abrasive products available in the world.
  • Design and fabrication of custom-made industrial blast facilities and equipment.
  • Conception and execution of the mechanical, structural, electrical and automation engineering of all surface preparation and surface-finishing equipment.
  • Inspection, repair and certification of air-powered abrasive equipment and systems.
  • Training Seminars in air-powered abrasive practices.
  • Emergency technical services, 24 hours/day.

We know we’re only as good as the service our team provides, so we mandate and constantly empower them to remain aware of our customer’s evolving needs and expectations. This results in the most effective methods of fabrication and distribution of air-powered abrasive systems, and provides the required competitive advantage to succeed within the global competitive marketplace.

Some examples of special projects (click image to enlarge)

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Vac-Aéro Basket Blaster Shot Peener M3648V

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Inline Conveyors

Surface treatment systems can incorporate inline conveyors operating in a horizontal plane. The movement may be continuous or intermittent with a fixed and including a mobile turntable. When the parts are deposited into the cabinet, additional surface treatment units can be progressively integrated to perform a different treatment such as a washing process or dust blowing in order to complete the process. Automated parts loading equipment and programmable robots are also used for this purpose.

Indexing Turntables

This type of automation involves the usage of a rotary table with stationary or mobile sandblasting nozzles. Different cabinet configurations can be used in order to specifically isolate and sandblast each critical process operations. The use of rotary tables is ideally suited with automated parts loading and unloading. This type of installation is designed to optimize the available floor space for a variety of applications and to accurately position parts for continuous surface treatment processing.

Rotary Baskets

The rotary basket represents the ideal solution for the overall finishing of large quantities of parts in bulk. Baskets of various sizes are available and are driven by variable speed drives. The sandblasting nozzles, which are aimed into the open end of the basket, may vary in numbers but are generally nonmoving. Parts may be inserted into the baskets either manually or automatically. Various arrangements can be made for metered loading, regulating, with considerable precision, the quantity of parts to be processed. The rotary basket machine is ideally suited for the surface treatment of components in bulk.

Loading tables

Manual or automated loading tables can be used to facilitate the handling and positioning of heavy loads. The carriage can be manual or automatic and the sandblasting nozzles can be fixed or oscillating. This system generally includes the blast cabinet with one or many loading tables, located either at the entrance or the exit of the cabinet.